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Financial Companies and Programs - A

A.S. Peskin & Company, Ltd. - Diversified 1XL (Proprietary Prior April 1997)
AAA Capital Management - The Energy Program
Abraham Trading Company - Diversified
Ace Capital Management LLC - Mini Stock Index program
Ace Investment Strategists - Stock Index Premium-Regular
ADA Investments Inc. - Diversified
Advanced Risk Management CTA - D&R Program
AgTech, Inc. -
AIS Futures Management - MAAP 2X - 4X
AIS Futures Management - MAAP 3X-6X
Aksel Capital Management Group, Inc - Aksel Growth and Income
Alder Capital Ltd. - Global 10
Alder Capital Ltd. - Global 20
Alderon Capital Management - Alderon Capital Management
ALH Capital Corp. - Stock Index Program
ALH Capital Corporation - Financial Futures (Mech)
Alinpa AG - Alinpa Trading Ltd. Class A (1XL) EUR
Alinpa AG - Alinpa Trading Ltd. Class B (2.5XL) EUR
Allied Irish Capital Management - Equity Index Program
Allied Irish Capital Management - Foreign Exchange
Allied Irish Capital Management - World Financial
Alpha Asset Management - Stock Index Premium Collection
AlphaMetrics Capital Management, LLC - ACE Portfolio Management
Alpine Trading Advisors - Diversified
Alterama, Inc. - Commodity Discretionary Program
Alternative Asset Management - Trendoscil Forex
Alternative Asset Management - Trendoscil Institutions
Alternative Capital Management, Inc. - Global Commodity Program
Altin Holdings, LLC. - Altin:Fund
Amen Asset Management - Primary
Analytic Investment Management - Non-Linear Currency Prediction Program
Analytic Investment Management (Intraday) - Intraday Futures (IFT)
Ancile Capital Management, LLC - Global Markets Program
Ansbacher Investment Management, Inc. - Market Neutral Put Skew Program
Appleton Capital Management - 10% Risk Program
Appleton Capital Management - 25% Risk Prgram
Appleton Capital Management - Global Opportunity
ARA Portfolio Management - Balanced
ARA Portfolio Management - Commodities
Arcanum Investment Management - A.I.M. Traded Options
Arch Capital Management, Inc. - Arch Capital Program
Arete Capital Management, LLC - Futures Program
Argus Capital Management - S&P Stock Index Option Writing Program
Argus Capital Mgmt, Pty, Ltd. - Dynamic Multi-strategy Program
Ascendant Asset Advisors - Ascendant Global Strategies Fund
Ascendant Asset Advisors - JLDeVore Elite Trading Program
Ascendant Asset Advisors, Inc - Strategic 2 Options Program
Ascendant Asset Advisors, Inc. - Ascendant Global Strategies Fund, LLC
Ascendant Asset Advisors, Inc. - Strategic1 Options Trading Program
Asgard Capital Management, Inc. - Diversified Multi-Strategies
Ashley Capital Management, Inc. -
AST Capital Management - AST Counter Trend Program
AST Capital Management - AST Trend Counter Trend (TCT) Program
Attain Portfolio Advisors - Phoenix Energy Program
Attain Portfolio Advisors, LLC - Modified Program
Attain Portfolio Advisors, LLC - Strategic Diversification Program

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