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A Complete Managed Futures Investment Provider

Managed Account Research Incorporated is a complete one-stop managed futures investment provider, from research and advisement to clearing, monitoring and reporting.

MARI's unique services can be classified into three distinct areas of added value.


ADVISEMENT                                  BROKERAGE    

Managed Futures Search & Screening

MARI identifies, evaluates and recommends CTA’s, Commodity Pools and managed funds that attempt to achieve superior investment results with less relative risk than traditional buy and hold strategies on a highly consistent basis, based on our clients’ financial criteria. MARI uses MARWEB, its proprietary analysis and evaluation web applications, to identify possible trading advisors.

Managed Futures Advisement & Monitoring

MARI advises clients and monitors recommended programs and strategies in order to carry out the clients intended plan. Through its brokerage affiliations, MARI’s clients execute their orders by utilizing a regulated Futures Clearing Merchant’s (FCM) vast financial and clearing resources.

Managed Futures Brokerage & Reporting

Through its database application, monthly and quarterly publications, MARI reports and evaluates the monitored investments and strategies to achieve continued fulfillment of client's investment goals and horizons.


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