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A.S. Peskin & Company, Ltd. - Diversified 1XL (Proprietary Prior April 1997)
Badger Investment Group - Index Program
C-View International Limited - 1X Unleveraged Standard Program
Daniel R. Meyer - Diversified
Ebisu Portfolio Management Ltd. - Ebisu Diversified Futures System
Fall River Capital Mgmt., LLC - Global Trends
Gamma Capital Management, LLC - Gamma Global FX
H T Funds LLC - H T Funds CTA
IFX Capital Management - Zenith IFX Program
J T Hodgson & Co. - Currency
K4 Capital Management LLC - MVS Lite
Lawless Commodities, Inc. -
Macro Capital Management, LLC - Macro Thematic Trading Program
NDX Capital Management LLC - Abednego Program
Onda Capital Management - US Index Program
P/E Investments - Bond/FX Aggressive
Qualia Financial Services, LLC - Adaptive S&P Program
R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management - Diversified
S&P 500 Stock Index -
T.N.T. Investments, Inc. - Global Diversified Program
Van Essen, Emil - Diversified Options Program
Wallwood Consultants, Ltd. - Managed Account
YaoSun Strategic Investments, LLC. - Hedged U. S. Stock Indices (HSI)
Zenith Resources, Inc. - Diversified Option Program

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