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Our Investing Tools - MARWEB

Proprietary Research & Investment Tools

Managed Account Research's proprietary online trader analysis application MARWEB, is a suite of managed futures research products and services that provide comprehensive data, performance measurement and analysis of Commodity Trading Advisors and their investment programs. MARWEB enables users to search, screen, rank, and develop custom multi-advisor managed account portfolios from our managed futures database. The MARWEB software applications are divided into two modules, the Ranking & Analysis Tool, and the Multi-Advisor Asset Allocation Tool.

Trader Ranking & Analysis Tool
This unique online resource allows you to search and screen Advisors alphabetically, by advisor name, or by trading sector. Then create custom ranking reports that contain any or all of the more than 35 qualitative categories and statistical measures available. Additionally, you can filter your reports by sector traded, funds managed or minimum account accepted by the managers.

Multi-Advisor Asset Allocation Tool
The Portfolio Allocation Tool allows you to create and track your own portfolios of Commodity Trading Advisors. It can produce an Advisor Allocation Report that shows you the advisors you have in your portfolio and summarizes their performances over the time period you have selected. It also shows you the total performance of that set of advisors, the CTA Portfolio, and if you allocated a portion of the portfolio to t-bills, the performance of that cash position as well. The portfolio performance table in the report will be a Correlation Table that shows you the correlation between each pair of advisors. Trader Profile Reports of either the individual CTA's or the Multi-Advisor Portfolio may be viewed for further information.

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