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Managed Futures Ranking Report

Published monthly, the Managed Futures Monthly Ranking Report is a timely report packed with latest performance rankings and index information to assist you in your alternative investment manager search and screening process of the world's top traders.

The Managed Futures Monthly Ranking Report is divided into 2 sections enabling users to effortlessly navigate through comprehensive data, statistics and comparative analysis.

  • The Rankings Section
    consists of over 20 separate rankings reports. These reports are categorized by time frame, trading style, sector traded or statistical measure. Each report contains various performance and statistical measures that could include compounded annual return, worst drawdown, standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio and more.

  • The Index Section
    consists of performance and statistical information on the six proprietary CTA indexes. These indexes are representative of the performance of our database or sub-sector, ie. diversified traders. The indexes can be useful in determining if the managers you are considering have over or under performed their benchmark index.

This information filled, and well organized report will help you identify managers and trading programs that meet your specific investment criteria.

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