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Original Program

  • CTA Name : Covenant Capital Management
  • Program Name : Original Program
  • Start Date : 1999-09-01
  • Trading Strategy
  • Systematic : 100%
  • Discretionary : 0%
  • Fundamental : -
  • Technical : Yes
  • Diversified Market Strategy : Yes
  • Sector Specific Strategy : -
  • Trade Duration
  • Long-Term : Yes
  • Mid-Term : -
  • Short-Term : -
  • Multi-Term : -
  • Markets Traded
  • Stock Index : Yes
  • Interest Rates : Yes
  • Currencies : Yes
  • Metals : Yes
  • Energy : Yes
  • Grains : Yes
  • Meats : Yes
  • Softs : Yes

Covenant Capital Management

Original Program


CCM invests in the historic tendency of markets to exhibit price trends larger and more often than normal probability theory expects. These trending markets are the sole generator of CCM’s profits. We do not predict trends. We do not predict when they will start, how long they will last, or how high or low they will move. CCM uses fixed technical indicators to identify possible emerging trends. After a trend has occurred, we do not seek to explain why it may have occurred or why it behaved as it did. The only prediction that we ever make is that trends will continue to exist as a phenomenon of the market place. CCM’s returns are additionally strengthened by a volatility trade filter which identifies the best risk/reward potential among possible trades. As in any business venture, an investor’s returns are determined by two equally critical elements, revenues and expenses. Likewise, a CTA’s performance is determined by profits derived from trading minus the expenses associated with trading: fees, commissions, and slippage. Our approach to trading in the world currency and futures markets involves an aggressive and proactive methodology of limiting costs in the trading process. We utilize a robust and efficient trade filter that minimizes trading costs while preserving our ability to capture the most profitable emerging price trends. Additionally, CCM does not charge its clients a management fee.

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